Friday, June 24, 2011

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Summer is the time to be outdoors. So grab the kids or call up a group of friends and head out to a baseball game. There is a reason why it's called America's favorite past time...and it something that everyone should experience at least once even if you are not a big sports fan. Watching baseball on TV and being at an actual baseball game are two completely different things.

Detroit Tigers Adjustable Baseball Hat - Officially Licensed Team MLB Cap - Size: Adult So put on your hometown (or favorite team) shirt and hat, grab your tickets, and head on down to the stadium. Indulge in an overly priced hot dog, put on that foam finger, and root (root root for the home team :)) for your favorite team. Maybe if you are lucky you can catch a foul ball or a home run ball!


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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Camp Out!

With gas prices the way they have been you may not be able to afford to take that drive up north or down south or where ever you go to get away. But that is no reason why you still can't camp out! Grab your tent and some sleeping bags and head to the backyard or check to see if your city is hosting a camp out at one of their parks.

We are packing up and heading to the local park in our city to join many other campers in the National Wildlife Federation's Great American Backyard Campout! It's this Saturday, June 25, and is happening all around the country. All proceeds go to the NWF programs to get American kids outside! With all of the amazing video game systems like the PS3 and Xbox 360 it's nearly impossible to get some kids out of their rooms let alone outside!

So join us for this one night and support the National Wildlife Federation. This is an annual event, so maybe if you have so much fun this year you can make it a tradition to do every year with our family!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Embrace the Culture!

With so many cultures living together in the US, it's hard to go anywhere without hearing someone speaking another language. Most of us have had a foreign language class in high school that we had to take, but that was so long ago that many of us don't remember what we learned. Or maybe our high school didn't offer the language we really wanted to learn. I know mine offered Spanish, French, and German. But wouldn't it be cool to learn Italian, the language of love? Or what about Chinese? With so many affordable resources at our fingertips nowadays, why shouldn't we learn another language..or perhaps two? You can easily pop a CD into your car stereo and learn a new language on your way to work everyday or if you take long trips. Embrace the culture, learn a new language!
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Monday, February 21, 2011

There's an App for That

So I just got a new smartphone with the Android system on it and I am loving all the bazillions of apps available. The latest one I downloaded was Angry Birds because many of my friends said how fun and addicting it was so I thought I'd give it a try. They were all is very addicting! The great thing about it is that anyone can play, I even downloaded it on my iPod Touch so that my three-year-old could play it and he loves it! It's one of those silly little games that helps the time go by when you are bored or waiting for the doctor or in line at the Secretary of State.
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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Create a Scrapbook

SEI Hippie Chick 1-Hour Scrapbook Album Kit, 8-Inch-by-8-InchYou know you have a shoebox, probably more than one, filled with pictures. Or you are like me and have a million pictures on your computer that you have yet to print out. Take some of that free time and make a scrapbook with all those great memories. Otherwise they will just sit on your computer or in that old box and collect dust where no one gets to see and enjoy them. And if you are not the really creative type, then you can always go online to Shutterfly or Snapfish and make a hard covered photo album where the pages look like a scrapbook. It's always a great gift idea too..hint hint!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Head to the Museum

It has been too long since I've last gone to a museum. I especially love the DIA - Detroit Institute of Arts - it's so peaceful in there and has so many beautiful things to look at. Every city has its own set of museums and science centers. Most of us went when we were kids on field trips for school but I think it's time we all went back. Take the family so they can learn to appreciate art and the history of the world. You never know maybe it will inspire you to do something creative and artistic.
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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Create a Jammin' Playlist

In fact, you should create multiple playlists for all of your different moods. There are days where everything just goes bad and sucks for me, I'm sure everyone can relate! Well, I just pop on my "Angry" playlist featuring songs from Metallica, Buckcherry, Drowning Pool, Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park, with a little bit of Rage Against The Machine and my angry mood usually calms down a bit. Then there are those beautiful, sunny days where everything just seems great so I listen to my "Happy" playlist with songs from Sublime, Rhianna, 311, Black Eyed Peas and some good 'ol Kid Rock.

I am a woman of many moods so I have different playlists to suit each one. Or if I'm not in any one particular mood I just hit the shuffle button and listen to them all. I love my iPod and all the songs on it, it's like my own little personal therapist that fits nicely in my pocket!

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